DotStar Studios - The Company

Originally created in 2002 under the name AintQuiteRight, after being laid off from an environmental company, I started marketing myself to former employers and contacts as someone who could help fill in the gaps or handle overflow for CAD/graphics work. Tending to work in the late evenings and on the weekends plus working a day job, going to school and having a family, the name seemed to fit and my clients were pleased to have options. It wasn't long before I had built the reputation of producing great results with a quick turnaround and for a reasonable price which lead to an expansion of my client base and offering additional services. While going through a re-branding and wanting to expand my customer base, I realized I've always had a passion for photography -- even as early as grade school, shooting the most random images on an old 110 film camera, as well as throughout high school and college, I could always be seen carrying a trusty, but beat up 35mm camera. It only seemed logical to add this passion to my list of offerings and it is a huge part of DotStar Studios offering today.

Ken Nielsen - The Owner

Initially leaving college with an Architectural Design degree in 1994, I worked for a couple of environmental/engineering firms in Denver providing CAD/Graphics services, building out their capabilities and defining standards for their graphic output. During this time I also began expanding my expertise with programs like Photoshop and started to learn web design and coding, as well as beginning to pursue a second college degree in Computer Science. This was status quo until 2002, when I was forced to make a change in my career and launched this company, signing my former employer as my first contract. A few months later, I continued to grow professionally and began working in the online advertising community, employed by industry leader DoubleClick and and finished up my Computer Science degree in 2004. I've even had a stint working for Google, when they purchased DoubleClick in 2008. In these few short years, I was able to gain significant experience working with some of the top advertising agencies in the country as well as some of the most well known websites/brands around. After leaving Google/DoubleClick in 2009 I've built and managed a large Ad Operations team for Nielsen (yes, the TV Ratings company!) through 2011, and more recently, I've taken on a new challenge as a Senior Business Systems Analyst for Epsilon Interactive.