All About DSS

Started orginally in 2002 as AintQuiteRight as a contract-for-hire company, offering a variety of technical, computer and graphic services, DotStar Services was rebranded around 2009 and continues today as more of an artistic graphics and photography company, allowing me more to focus on things I want to do rather than out of necessity. This allows me to fuel my passion for photography and creativity, an outlet for my creativity and the opportunities to pursue projects I would like to work on. Most of what I photograph would be considered artistic photography but I try not to limit myself to one particular subject. Variety is the spice of life, as they say.

With well over 20 years of professional experience, my background and skills include Architectural Design, Programming, Database, Web Design, Graphic Layout/Illustration, Photography ... and I've even started to dabble a bit in Video Production as of late. I have worked with some well known companies -- Google, DoubleClick, Nielsen and Epsilon -- and the current day job is with a database and marketing company, as lead developer and solutions architect. I was born and raised in Colorado but I also love to travel when given the opportunities to do so -- my photography often reflects both of these. I am open to collaboration as well as commission and often looking to make connections with others like myself, local or otherwise.

Want to know more? Have questions? Want to connect? Don't hesitate to contact me!